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Our Roofing System

Our system to install fiberglass laminated shingles.


  • 3/8” Plywood Exterior Grade will be used to cover the entire strapped roof deck, (only done for conversion from cedar shakes to fiberglass laminated asphalt shingles)
  • #30lbs Heavy Duty Felt paper placed along eaves
  • #15lbs Felt paper is placed over remainder of roof deck
  • GafElk Deck Armor underlayment is a premium breathable, exceptionally strong with long lasting protection. It has 25 years warranty.

Metal Work

  • Pre-painted metal drip edge flashing along the gable ends, 4 different colors available.
  • Pre-painted metal W shaped flashing which is 24” wide is used in valleys, 4 different colors available.
  • Pre-painted metal flashing around chimneys & skylights


  • Attic vents at peak or Continuous Ridge Venting. The vents let the air circulate into the attic space. This helps to remove all heat and moisture. Different colors are available to match your roof.
  • Goose Neck Vents
  • Exhaust Vents, B’Vents & Plumbing Vents

Hidden Gutter

  • A 24” EPDM rubber membrane which is fully bonded to the roof deck
  • 2” Copper drains, this allows the water from the gutters to pass through the soffits down the pipes. Pre-painted metal cap flashing is installed on the top of fascia board. This is available in 4 different colors.


  • We use GafElk Shingle Match spray paint for the finishing of the B- Vent pipe and chimney counter flashing.


The final touches to your roof would be: 

  • To install diverters on Fascia board tail ends, (this helps to change the direction of the rain flow into the gutters.)
  • Use of a powerful magnetic broom to pick up any loose nails and a final clean up to customers satisfaction.


Busy Boys Roofing Ltd. warrants roofing installations to be free of any defects due to workmanship for a period of 10 years unless otherwise stated.

Roofing Busy Boys Roofing Ltd. has achieved the status of GafElk Certified Contractor.

We also use Iko Cambridge 50 AR, 40, 30 AR & 30 Fiberglass Shingles CertianTeed Landmark series: Landmark, Landmark Plus & Landmark Premium/Architect 80 Presidential TL Ultimate (triple-layer thickness)

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